Alex Who? 

Dutch-Tanzanian Singer, songwriter, actress, model and performer.

Alex was born in Wageningen, a small town in the east of Holland, where she lived until the age of 17. From a very young age she started singing and acting, which led her to study at the Amsterdam school for Theatre and Performing Arts, which she finished in 2012. Alex was trained not only in singing and acting but also the performing side of singing, which she fell in love with.

In 2009 she went to Istanbul, Turkey to perform, initially for the summer. During her stay she found that her talents were much appreciated in Turkey, opportunities began to open up. She continued working in Istanbul and Bodrum, having various jobs as a singer, model, and television presenter with Number 1 TV. 

During the last year of her attendance at the Theatre school and the following two years after that, Alex was awarded roles in various Dutch television series and a film. It was during that year that she became serious about her songwriting and a year later was offered the chance to record a demo of her own songs in Istanbul.

In the summer of 2014 Alex returned to Istanbul to record her very first demo of songs that she had written herself and immerse herself in the local vivid live music culture, gaining reputation and experience by performing in clubs as well as leading a five-piece band in live performances.

While working in Turkey during January 2015 Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic records, had been sent Alex's music demo and flew her to New York City for a meeting. 

During her stay in New York she teamed up with John Lardiery a.k.a. 'Johnny Black' and co-created Alex's the first single "Dirty little Secret". Craig Kallman heard what John and Alex had created and in a leap of faith gave her the creative freedom to record an EP around the sound she very recently had discovered.

After finishing her debut album the summer of 2016, that following September she was approached and signed by Ghazi Shami to Empire records for a two album record deal.

Storytelling, being a no-mad and her love for various genres within music are the cornerstones of her funky, soulful and smokey sound. Good music transcends the boundaries of genres and keen to avoid limiting herself to a certain genre, she has cited Nina Simone, D’angelo, Marlena Shaw, Freddy Mercury, A Tribe Called Quest, Ginger Baker, Erykah Badu, Happy Mondays, Missy Elliot, The Doors and Bill Withers as strong influences.

This.....is 'AlexWho?'...